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Yeti rain jacket

Waterproof hardshells

Hardshell jackets with a wealth of technical features making them great for any adventure. Fits perfectly as a third layer on top of a down jacket or vest. 



Yeti wool jackets

Recycled wool

Comfortable and breathable jackets made of Tecnowool. 100% recycled Italian wool, offering fantastic thermal comfort. Perfect as second or outer layer on cold summer nights.




Yeti Down jacket

Extraordinary down garments

Highly insulating yet the lightest down garments in the world. Only possible through a unique blend of premium Crystal Down®and Next to Nothing®fabric.



Yeti sleeping bag lightweight

Sleeping bags

Preserving our tradition of high-quality by handmaking sleeping bags in Germany. Find the one for your need – no matter if you’re in the cold Arctic, hiking the Camino or climbing the highest peaks in the world.

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Yeti active wear


High performing breathable active wear. Every fibre designed to effectively increases blood circulation and absorbing body heat. While offering a distinct freedom of movement.