After 15 years of close family ties, Yeti and Nordisk now formally become one brand.

We keep the iconic red Y as the symbol of extraordinary down quality.
Everything else is still the same. All products are still available.

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Yeti becomes part of Nordisk

Yeti is nearly 40 years of trusted partnership with the world’s outdoor enthusiasts.
Athletes and everyday adventurers, who treasure great design, trust in high quality and functionality beyond what you usually come across, have always appreciated the quality symbolized by that iconic red Y.

A Brand-new Beginning.

We are proud to announce that after 15 years of close family ties, Yeti and Nordisk are now formally joining forces to become one united brand.
The red Y will continue to symbolize the quality and legacy of our garments and down sleeping bags and the products will still be the same – they will still be filled with Crystal Down® and we are still The Down Specialist.

By combining the knowledge, experience and dedication to outstanding outdoor products from two great brands with a combined 150 years of experience, we are now ready to write the next exciting chapter in our history.

By joining forces, we stay true to our promise of delivering great new products; products with the highest feel-good-factor in the market and products that naturally encourages you to spend more time in nature, explore the outdoors and feel the elements. Through this marriage of two proud and historic brands, we will be able to make our products accessible to even more people in the future and improve the value, quality and experience of both.
We are looking forward to inspiring a new generation of quality minded outdoorers.

Feel the Elements!


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