- the first plant based nylon in the world

Next to Nature

The first plant based nylon in the world

As the first company in the world Yeti in 2014 introduced a jacket made from eco-friendly plant based nylon enabling nature lovers to protect nature while enjoying it. The eco-friendly nylon, called Next To Nature, is based on renewable plant oil instead of scarce fossil oil.


A green win-win-win

The oil is extracted from the Ricinus-plant, a non-food plant that grows mainly on dry wasteland and does not occupy farming land. On the contrary the plant creates new production in dry and destitute areas. Furthermore Ricinus is a robust plant that requires significantly less water and thereby less resources.


Just as functional…

Nylon based on a renewable source is much more environmentally friendly than traditional nylon – and the good news is, that being eco-friendly doesn’t compromise functionality. Next to Nature is breathable and feels soft as silk. The fabric is antistatic and PA-coated for water resistance. Next to Nature has been used in the award winning jackets North and Mode and is today used for the green sleeping bag Gecco.