Next to Nothing

A feeling next to nothing

To hold a material as vibrant as down you need a very special fabric. And to live up to the demands of Yeti it also has to be highly breathable and light. Therefore we have developed our own light, breathable and down proof fabric and named it Next to Nothing, which refers to the feeling you have when you wear it.

A fraction of a human hair

The secret behind the extreme lightness is the ultra fine thread and the dense weaving*. With a diameter of only a fraction of a human hair a normal Yeti jacket contains more than 1,000 kilometres of thread weighing only 140 grams due to the extreme lightness of the thread. The first generation was a mix of 7D and 10D thread weighing a mere 25 g/m2 while the new generation used in the expedition series is made of pure 7D thread with a weight of only 20 g/m2 – or ¼ of a normal 80 grams print paper 

No secret ingredients

To make sure the down stay inside some use down bags to bundle the down inside while others use coating to block the fabric. But when using Next to Nothing we need neither coating nor down bags, allowing the down to breathe freely – and since the fabric naturally regulates temperature and moisture a Next to Nothing product always feels both warm and comfortable.

A material for the dedicated

Next to Nothing is as durable and soft as it is light and airy. It is water-repellent, wind-resistant and breathable – and very exclusive. Only one factory in the world can produce this unique fabric, and with a production limit of only 35 meters of fabric per day, Next to Nothing is reserved for the truly dedicated lightweight fans.


* The new generation of Next to Nothing has at least 267x250 threads for each square inch, which equals approx. 60.000 interleavings.

Read more about the different fabrics in this fabric folder.

Packable and washable

Due to the thin thread Next to Nothing is highly packable which is why all Next to Nothing products are packable in their own left hand pocket. When unpacking the product it might wrinkle, but just put it on – and your body heat will straighten it out. It is also machine washable as long as you check the care label – and use a down friendly detergent.