Care & Clean

How to take care of your Yeti

A few words about care

You can extend the lifetime of your down sleeping bag if you stuff it rather than roll it while packing, taking care to leave the zipper open so that the air can escape. The small pack sack is included specifically for this purpose. While at home, you should air the sleeping bag and finally move it to a looser storage bag so that the down can regain its form.

Handle with care

Should you choose to clean it yourself, please refrain from using dry cleaning or other chemical cleaning methods, since these extract the fat from the keratin in the down and might damage the fabric. Instead, please use biodegradable down cleaning agents such as our Yeti Wash & Care pack.

To dry the sleeping bag, please hang it in the wind or place it in a large-volume drier together with 2-3 tennis balls. You can remove minor impurities yourself using a sponge and a cloth.

Yeti Wash kit is available at your local Yeti dealer

Yeti Repair Service

In case of a major breakage or damage to your Yeti product, we offer in house original repair service. Contact your Yeti dealer and we will be delighted to offer to care further for your best friend…