Take good care of your Yeti

Care & Repair

Make it last

Taking good care of your outdoor equipment can extend the lifespan of your product. On this page, you will find tips and resources to help maintain your products in good condition.

Basic recommendations to maintaining your Yeti product: 

  • Do not wash down products too often. Make sure to regularly air the product. When you need to wash it, wash it correctly according to the care instructions.
  • Avoid storing down garments and sleeping bags compressed – use a hanger and store sleeping bags uncompressed in the storage bag.

For further recommendations and care advice please refer to the FAQ.


Yeti Repair Service*

In the unlucky case of a breakage or damage to your Yeti product, Yeti Repair Service offers in-house original repair. Repeated use and wear will cause tear over time. Therefore, Yeti Repair Service offers; refilling of down, repair of chambers, replacement of zippers. This service is available for all Yeti sleeping bags and an extended range of garments*.

Contact your Yeti dealer to get a quote from the Yeti Repair Service. 


Yeti Wash Service

As a one of its kind Yeti offers a unique wash and dry service for all of our products. Repeated use of equipment in different outdoor elements can easily make it soiled. Down and all technical fabrics are delicate and require special care to maintain its natural quality.

Contact your Yeti dealer to get a quote from the Yeti Wash Service.

* Coverage is depending on the availability of fabric and trim, as specific fabrics may have a limited stock time. In case of repair please be aware that colour differences may occur due to the existing garments’ exposure of sun, wind and weather.