Why Yeti?

The essence of Yeti

Yeti from the great outdoors

From the great outdoors

Yeti is rooted in the rough outdoors. Since 1983 we have created apparel and sleeping bags for expeditions and extreme conditions. Therefore a Yeti is durable yet light, warm yet non-constricting, functional yet fashionable.

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Yeti The down specialist

The Down Specialist

A Yeti sleeping bag or piece of garment is surprisingly light compared to the warmth it offers. The secret is the finest insulation material known to man: Down. They keep birds warm and yet light enough to fly. Nothing beats Mother Nature.

Yeti European crystal down

Decent European down

All Yeti products are filled with Crystal Down – a selection of the absolute finest and most voluminous European down. We have our own strict ethical down code making the down traceable and ensuring animal welfare.

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Yeti sleeping bag handmade in Europe

Handmade in Europe

We produce in Germany. The Yeti plants are located in Görlitz and Dresden in Saxony and for years all our sleeping bags have been filled here. These days, the dedicated Yeti employees produce 10,000 of the worlds best down sleeping bags per year.

Feel Good Factor

Our goal is to create the ultimate down equipment – and we continually strive for breaking new barriers.

By combining the most advanced and innovative materials with a clean and functional design, we aim to provide the highest “Feel Good Factor” for the user.

Yeti packable down jackets


With Yeti you always have soft luxurious warmth at hand. Most Yeti apparel products are packable in its own pocket to a small pack that fits in any bag and can be brought anywhere. Yeti is your perfect travel companion.

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Yeti state of the art red dot award

State of the Art

A true Yeti is always of the highest quality. That’s why Yeti products have been awarded with a wide range of awards such as the Red Dot Design Award, the German Design Award, the ISPO award and the Gold Outdoor Award.

Don’t fix what’s not broken!

At Yeti we offer a wide range of services from specialized washing of your Yeti sleeping bag to repair service if your Yeti product is damaged. Our dedicated staff simply replace the damaged chamber, refill it with fresh down and return it as new.

It’s a matter of honour…