Complete Guide to Yeti Cooler Sizes

Are you keen to buy a Yeti ice cooler but you’re not quite sure how big they are or what storage capacity they have? There is a wide range of Yeti cooler sizes. Perhaps you know the capacity of each cooler, but you’re still confused about what size you need.

The Yeti portable refrigeration boxes, or ice coolers, come in various sizes, which we will illustrate in a brief overview below. Find out more about which cooler sizes are best suited for your needs. 

Yeti Cooler Sizes: An Overview 

There are many cooler brands to choose from. Yeti hard coolers are a premium cooler brand that offers versatility with durability. Their rotomolded design brings extra durability, so your cooler can cope well in extreme temperatures. Yeti ice boxes can be used for a fishing trip, road trips, camping trips, or a simple boat trip.

A Yeti portable cooler is robust, known for its sturdy construction, extreme insulation power, and bear-proof locks. 

Oftentimes, cooler size names don’t correspond to their capacity, so we explain below how much each one can hold. For example, the Yeti 35 has a 29-quart capacity, so the numbers can be misleading. You may also want to know what the quart equivalent is in gallons or liters, which we show below.

What are the Different Yeti Freezer Box Capacities? 

Choosing between different cooler models and Yeti cooler sizes can be challenging. Cooler capacities and sizes vary, and it’s tricky to equate cooler space with capacities in quarts or cans of beer.

Here are some popular Yeti cooler sizes and their corresponding approximate capacities:

Yeti cooler
QuartsLitersGallonsPounds of iceCans
Yeti Roadie 2020 quarts19 litres4 gallons20 lb of ice16 cans
Yeti Tundra 3526 quarts7 gallons26 liters26 lb of ice21 cans
Yeti Tundra 4535 quarts9 gallons35 liters34 lb of ice28 cans
Yeti Tundra 5046 quarts43 liters47 lbs of ice
Yeti Tundra 6552 quarts13 gallons48 liters52 lb of ice42 cans
Yeti Tundra 7571 quarts18 gallons74 liters66 pounds of ice57 cans
Yeti Tundra 10582 quarts20 gallons79 liters82 pounds of ice 67 cans
Yeti Tundra 11090 quarts22 gallons87 liters90 pounds of ice74 cans
Yeti Tundra 160141 quarts30 gallons115 liters113 pounds of ice92 cans
Yeti Tundra 210199 quarts50 gallons197 liters198 pounds of ice162 cans
Yeti Tundra 250222 quarts55 gallons220 liters316 pounds of ice181 cans
Yeti Tundra 350316 quarts79 gallons311 liters316 pounds of ice259 cans
Yeti Tundra Haul55 quarts14 gallons55 pounds of ice45 cans

What Size Yeti Ice Chest Should I Buy? 

Yeti coolerNow that you know about the different Yeti cooler sizes, you’re probably wondering what size is best for you to buy. Sometimes having lots of options can be overwhelming, so the best thing to do is to think about what you need it for. This will help you make the right decision about which Yeti cooler to buy.

For example, what are some of the activities that you do where you think you’ll need a cooler? Do you want a cooler to store drinks for when you have a party with friends? Or do you want a cooler to take with you on fishing trips, camping weekends away, or for when you go boating? Each of the Yeti cooler sizes is suitable for a slightly different type of activity. You’ll also need to check that the cooler size fits in your car, as some can be quite large.

Understandably, you are looking for the best cooler manufacturer in the market. All Yeti models are versatile, durable, and portable, so size and capacity will be your main deciding factors. Yeti has a strong reputation, and the Yeti Tundra 65 recently won the GearLab ‘best cooler of 2021′ award.

Here are some tips about which cooler sizes suit different activities best:

  • For short day trips in the car: The Yeti Roadie 24
  • For a comfortable day hike: The Yeti Hopper 8
  • For a camping or fishing weekend: The Yeti Tundra 35
  • For a party at your house: The Yeti 125
  • For commercial use: The Yeti 250 or Yeti 350

How to Maximise Ice Retention in Your Yeti

No matter what size you buy, you’ll need to maximize ice retention or all your food will start melting. Firstly, you must add ice to keep the contents cool, and you can even pre-freeze your contents. 

It’s also best to avoid opening the lid too often and make sure you fix any busted latch you may have. Try to keep the cooler in the shade and cut down on airspace by filling that with ice. It should go without saying that you should avoid putting hot meals into your Yeti. 

Although Yeti coolers are virtually indestructible, don’t throw them around too much, otherwise, it could develop a crack which could affect its ability to work optimally.

Final Thoughts on Buying a Yeti Cooler 

Yeti is synonymous with being a solid cooler. But when buying one, you need to know the actual size and capacities of each model and figure out if it will suit your needs.

There’s nothing worse than buying a cooler and then finding out your contents and bags of ice won’t fit, or that the capacity in quarts is not what you expected.

We hope that our guide to Yeti cooler sizes will give you insight and tips to help you make the right decision for your cooler needs.

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