Quick guide of how to:

Find all pictures, text etc.

Go to the mediabank (media.yetiworld.com) and click “Go to the public area of the mediabank”, here you will find most of what you need. On the frontpage you can choose the season from where you need pictures, or you can use the search field.

Download pictures

Place you mouse on top of the picture you need and click download, both hi-res and low-res is available. If you need more than one, you click “add to basket” and when you have collected everything you need, click on the basket and download as zip.

Find packshots from a current season

Choose the season on the frontpage or to find a specific packshot you can type in the style name in the search field.

Find packshots which is older

Older pictures might not be available when using the filter, try to type in the style name or style number in the search field. If the picture you need is not to be found, you can contact marketing by email vpe(at)nordisk.eu

Find packshots of the next season

As long as the pictures is NOT available to the endusers, a login is required to get access to these.

What is my login then?

Your username is the email address you have given to our sales representative and the password is "1234". To change your password, login on our website and click Change password (you will find it under the menu "Logout"). Are you experiencing any problems please contact marketing by email vpe(at)nordisk.eu.

Find product text

In the mediabank you will find different product descriptions in English and German by typing “text” in the search field.

Find logos

In the mediabank you will find our logo by typing “logo” in the search field. When you download this, you will get a zip file with the logo as eps, ai, jpg and pdf.

Find image pictures

For every season we have some image pictures, when that season is over we no longer have permissions to share these pictures, which is why we can’t distributes old image pictures. This means that if it’s not here we don’t have it.

For finding these season specific image pictures, choose the right season on the frontpage and filter by image.

For more general brand pictures type “image” in the search field.

Please notice: When using our image pictures you are required always to name the author @uwe hauth.

Find old lookbooks

To be inspired by old lookbooks type “lookbook” in the search field.

Find all workbooks

To download workbooks a login is required.