Frequently asked questions


Most common questions received at Yeti are answered in the following. In order to answer your questions as quick as possible please review the FAQ to see if your question is answered here. In case your question is not addressed, please visit the Care & Repair page, or our contact page to submit a question.

How do I wash my down product?

You can remove the smell of smoke, tobacco and the like simply by hanging the garment outside in fresh air.

Since the outer fabric is nylon it can be wiped with a wet wipe or a moist cloth. If the product is very soiled you can wash it – but not too often. Always check the care instructions placed as an in-side label.

Use down-friendly detergent and tumble dry it with no heat along with 2-3 tennis balls. We recommend you use Yeti Wash & Care Kit or another down washing liquid.

Never use enzyme based detergents for down as this will damage the down beyond repair. Do not use ordinary detergent or fabric softener.

Alternatively use the Yeti Wash Service available.

How do I dry my down product?

If the jacket is moist just put it on a hanger and hang it out to dry – but if really wet, put it in the tumble dryer with no heat on along with 2-3 tennis balls. Always check the care instructions – placed as an in-side label.

The garment wrinkles or looks squeezed. Is this normal?

If it wrinkles just wear it – your body heat will straighten out the fabric. If the garment looks squeezed, it is most likely because it has been packed – only pack your jacket in its pocket for a few days

How durable are down products?

They are durable, but avoid sharp edges like knifes, thorns and metal edges as they can rip the outer fabric. Be careful when near open fire – the outer fabric is nylon and therefore vulnerable to fire and embers which might burn holes in it.

How should I store my sleeping bag?

Packing for adventure – use the included Packsack to compress the sleeping bag to its minimal pack size. Stuff it rather than roll it while packing, taking care to leave the zipper open so that the air can escape. The small packsack is included specifically for this purpose.

While at home, always air the sleeping bag after use. If you need to store your sleeping bag packed, make sure to use the included Storage Bag – it is intentionally big and loose so the down can regain its uncompressed form.

Feathers or down show through the fabric. Is this normal?

It is normal for a few down to escape through the fabric or seams. If it is only a single down leg: simply break it off – this does not damage the product. In the case of down clusters or small feathers; simply pull them back through by holding the lining, pulling out the outer fabric. Then massage the fabric in place – this will close the separation in the fabric.

The down chambers feel flat. What to do?

Shake and wriggle the jacket, coat or sleeping bag until the down are fluffy. If the chambers stay flat put it in the tumble dryer with no heat along with 2-3 tennis balls. Always check the care instructions – placed as an in-side label.

If this does not help, please contact your dealer for an inspection and a quote from the Yeti Repair Service.