Frequently asked questions

Before writing an email to Yeti, please check if you can find your answer in our FAQ, otherwise we would like to hear from you. Thank you.

We have a wide network of very well educated dealers who can help you. Click to find your nearest/local Yeti dealer. We do not sell directly to end consumers.

Specifications on products:
All specifications are listed on our webpages. Click to find our
 Yeti product range. If you do not find it we do not have it. For further information please visit your local dealer.

Wash & Care:
You can wash and dry our apparel and down sleeping bags yourself according to the instructions on the care label which you find inside the apparel or inside the pocket of the sleeping bag. We recommend you use our Yeti Wash & Care Kit or another down washing liquid. Never use enzyme based detergents for down as this will damage the down beyond repair. Do not use detergent or fabric softener. Dry in tumble dryer at low temperature together with three tennis balls. Please find How to take care for your Yeti or download our Yeti Wash & Care Pack guide (pdf).

Please contact the dealer where you bought the item. They will know what to do and send your claim/repair to us if necessary.

Email: info(at)

A natural product

A down product is made of natural materials and there are sometimes questions regarding what is to be expected and what is not. This again might cause other questions about how to handle the product. In the following some of the most common questions are answered.

Down legs show through the fabric – what do I do?

Simply break them off – it doesn’t harm the product

Feathers show through the fabric – what do I do?

Pull them back in by holding the lining, pulling out the outer fabric and then wriggle the fabric in place 

My jacket crumbles – what do I do?

Just wear it – your body heat will straighten the fabric

The chambers are flat – what do I do?

Shake and scrunch the jacket until the down are fluffy

The chambers stay flat – what do I do?

Throw the jacket into a tumble dryer with 2-3 tennis balls

The jacket is squeezed – what do I do?

Only pack your jacket in its pocket for a few days

The jacket is smelly – what do I do?

You can remove the smell of smoke, tobacco and the like by hanging the jacket outside in fresh air

The jacket is dirty – what do I do?

Since the outer fabric is nylon it can be wiped with a wet wipe or a moist cloth 

The jacket is very dirty – what do I do?

You can wash it – but not too often. Check the care label, use down-friendly detergents and tumble dry it with 2-3 tennis balls

The jacket is moist – what do I do?

If the jacket is moist just hang it out to dry – but if real wet, put it in the dryer along with 2-3 tennis balls.

How durable is the jacket?

It’s durable, but avoid sharp edges like knifes, thorns and metal edges as they can rip the fabric

Can I wear it by the campfire?

The outer fabric is nylon and therefore vulnerable to fire and embers which might burn holes in it.