Get Your Scoop of Personalized Yeti Outdoor Gear

Personalized outdoor gear like mugs and custom drink coolers are becoming increasingly popular. Customization of products allows you to add your own personal design touch such as adding images like your star sign or any variety of monograms.

Below we look at why you should customize your gear, which personalized Yeti outdoor products are available for customization, and how you can actually go about ordering a customized item. 

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Reasons to Customize Your Gear

There are plenty of great reasons for why people choose to customize their gear. From drinkware, dog bowls, and coolers to a wide range of other products, people find many benefits in adding their extra touch. 

Some of these reasons, which you can keep in mind as you consider getting a personalized Yeti, include:

  • Keeping it interesting and different: Many people find it far too boring to have the same stuff as everyone else. One way of making a great product less boring is to personalize or customize it so it reflects your own sense of style through what you like best. 
  • Show off your personality: Today, everything we own can be seen as an extension of ourselves, from the cars we drive, clothes we wear, music we listen to, and the brands we support. They all reflect a range of personal choices and our own sense of individuality. By customizing your products, you can show your friends and family what your unique personality is all about. 
  • Label your belongings: There are many types of belongings that need to be labeled in order to prevent them from getting lost or mixed with other people’s items. For example, kids at school will each have their own water bottle, but if they aren’t named properly, the water bottles may get lost since they’re all so similar. Having a durable name or design etched on your belongings may prevent such mix-ups from happening. 
  • Promote your brand: Promotional items and giveaways are a great way to get people to use your branding in their everyday lives and to encourage them to become brand ambassadors. That’s why many companies around the world choose to have their logos and branding printed onto cups, t-shirts, and other merchandise. 
  • Personalized, meaningful gifts: There’s nothing quite as special as receiving a gift that is highly personalized. It demonstrates a great degree of thoughtfulness that can make the recipient feel very special. For instance, buying someone a personalized Rambler can be a constant reminder of your thoughtful gesture. Whether the gift is to celebrate Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or a birthday, you can show your love and appreciation with individual style and a customized message. These meaningful items are usually long-lasting and serve as daily reminders of your connection. 
  • Corporate gifts: Many companies give gifts to their employees or entities they do business with, such as suppliers and partners. These gifts may serve to celebrate the holidays or the end of a successful year. Whatever the occasion may be, corporate gifts that are both functional and representative of company pride often tend to be popular among employees and visitors. 
  • Holiday gifts: Lots of people like to give holiday gifts, but it can be challenging to think of something that is unique and desirable. Whether you buy cup holders, a photo tumbler, or food items, adding personalization is a great way to turn any gift into something thoughtful. 

Custom Outdoor Gear: Yeti Product Options

There are a wide range of Yeti products that you can choose to get personalized with laser engraving. These personalized Yeti items include Yeti coolers, Yeti Boomers (dog bowls), and Yeti drinkware.

1. Custom Coolers

Custom Yeti coolers can help you store cold drinks and can show off your individual style. Customization is available for a wide range of Yeti hard coolers. There are fun colors, simple designs, and various cooler styles which you can choose from to make your cooler unique. You can also get a custom Yeti hard cooler or Yeti Hopper soft cooler made with your corporate logo so you can give it to your clients or employees as a corporate gift. 

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2. Custom Dog Bowls

You can show your pet some extra love by personalizing their dog bowl. You can get either  the Boomer 4 dogbowl (made to hold four cups or 32 oz. of food or water) or the Boomer 8 dog bowl (which holds eight cups or 64 oz. of food or water) customized in a range of different colors. Color choices include: black, navy, seafoam, stainless or highlands olive. The dog bowls are non-slip and ultra-durable.

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3. Custom Drinkware

Yeti’s customized drinkware range is extensive. Most of their stainless and Duracoat drinkware products can be customized. This includes custom tumblers like the Rambler wine tumbler with lid, Rambler stackable cup with straw lid, Rambler travel mug, Rambler kids bottle, Rambler lowball with mag slider lid, and the Rambler holster can insulator. 

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How to Order Your Personalized Yeti Products 

It’s worth noting that customizing your Yeti products is a service that is only available to people living in the contiguous United States..

Here is the breakdown of steps you can follow to order your very own personalized Yeti product:

Step 1: Select the product range you want to have personalized. For example, “drinkware.”

Step 2: Select a product from that range that you want personalized. For instance, you can choose the Rambler 24 oz. mug. Then, check to see if it has a “personalize it” button on the Yeti website page. If it doesn’t, that means it’s a product that you cannot personalize. Unfortunately not all offerings are customizable. 

Step 3: Choose the color that you want. If you change your mind later, you can adjust it later. 

Step 4: Click on the “customize it” button on the website. This will pop up a menu of options which includes being able to choose a design, upload your own design or even add your own custom text. There are lots of great designs to choose from. For drinkware, this includes NHL, NLB, state pride, coastal, collegiate, fishing, hunting, Yeti nation, national parks, Greek, Nascar, Austin FC, and holiday custom themes. For coolers, the designs you can choose from include Major League Baseball (MLB), collegiate, and Nascar. You are also able to brand your Yeti cooler with your own company logo.

Step 5: Start by designing one side of your chosen product.

Step 6: Certain products allow you to customize both sides of the product. This is optional so you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. 

Step 7: If you want to upload your own artwork or design, this is the time to do it. It’s preferable to have a white background, but you can choose any background you like. 

Step 8: Once you’re done designing your very own personalized Yeti product, it’s ready to be added to your cart, checkout, and pay for the product and have it shipped to you. 

FAQs about customisation at Yeti

How Long Does it Take for My Product to Get Customized?

The time it takes for your order to be processed once customization has been requested can vary depending on how many other orders are in their queue. However, orders are processed on a first-come-first-serve basis, so the earlier you place your order the better. 

Can I Get a Yeti Rambler Customized?

You can get any Duracoat or stainless steel rambler customized and if you want to check which ones are available, check the Yeti website to see which of the offerings have the “customize it” button. Most Rambler sizes have customization options but depending on the size, the area that you can add text and image to will vary. 

Once I’ve Ordered a Customized Product, Can I Change My Order?

Unfortunately, you can’t edit your order once it’s been placed. However, there’s a short cancelation period after placing your order. If you know you’ve added an accidental typo into the text, it’s best to cancel during that grace period and reorder. 

Can I return Customized Drinkware and Dog Bowls?

Yeti doesn’t accept returns or exchanges for customized products. You can see full details about the returns policy on their website. 

How Much Does Customization Cost?

If you’re ordering a Rambler or Boomer product, there’s a small fee of $5 that is added for each side that you add custom logos, monograms, text or artwork to. If you order a large supply of over 24 units, then the fee for front-side embellishment is waived but you still need to pay for any backside customization. If you choose from any of the licensed logos (Collegiate, Greek, Nascar, National Parks) then you will need to pay a $10 embellishment fee.

Final Thoughts About Customizing Your Yeti Products

There are a wide range of Yeti products that you can have customized. Add your own personal style and design to a tumbler, Rambler, dog bowl or cooler and enjoy having a personalized Yeti product that is unique to your choice. 

The customization process is quick and easy, and there are so many benefits to personalizing items. It’s no wonder then that personalization has taken off as a global trend. 

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