Supporting Local: Where Are Yeti Products Made?

Yeti make and sell a wide range of outdoor lifestyle products – from cooler boxes and drinkware to backpacks and camping chairs. But you may be wondering: where are Yeti products made? The answer is that this variety of products is made at different locations around the USA and globally. 

Below we explore the history of the Yeti brand, their sustainability ethos, and whether or not any of their items are made locally in America. In this era of conscious consumerism, a product’s manufacturing and country of origin are important factors affecting consumer behavior and support for brands. 

A History of the Yeti Brand

Yeti is an American company started in 2006 by two brothers, Roy and Ryan Seiders, as a premium cooler brand. Since then, Yeti has grown to become one of the world’s most recognized and well-regarded outdoor cooler and accessories brands.

The inspiration behind the brand derived from the brothers’ love for fishing. As they were looking for a solution to keep their fish cold and retain its icy temperature, they decided to start up their own company.

The brand has become well known for its range of durable Yeti coolers that have good ice retention, like the Yeti Tundra. Yeti also makes soft coolers like the Hopper to keep your drinks cold – drinkware models include Yeti tumblers and Yeti Ramblers.

Upon expanding, the company began selling various outdoor tools like duffel bags, backpacks, camping chairs, and pet accessories. 

Yeti has further distinguished itself from its competitors by offering customization of certain items like cooler boxes and dog bowls. 

After a few years of successfully managing this growing enterprise, the majority of company shares was purchased by Cortec Group. In 2018, the company launched its IPO, which now trades on the stock exchange. The company is based in Austin, Texas, USA.

Conscious Consumerism and Supporting Locally-made Products

The rise of conscious consumerism and sustainability has driven many people to support ethical and environmental commitments and principles. Part of this includes buying local products that have been made in your country and that are locally manufactured. The main goal is to support local businesses and ensure sustainability within the supply chain.

Part of being sustainable and circular by design means that consumer goods should aim to be durable and long-lasting. Yeti certainly has a great reputation for creating versatile and durable coolers and drinkware products. 

Where Are Yeti Products Made – in America?

Many people are interested to know where Yeti coolers and accessories are manufactured and if they are all made in America or not.

Yeti doesn’t have its own manufacturing facilities, nor manufactures its coolers independently. Instead, the company outsources experts in various places that have experience in the manufacturing process.

According to Yeti, all of their products are labeled or marked with their country of origin, so if you want to know where a Yeti item was made, you’ll need to check out the product label.

Yeti admits that all of their LoadOuts are manufactured in the U.S.A, but that only some of their Tundra coolers are made in America. Furthermore, the company says that all customized products are made in Austin (Texas, USA), San Antonio (Texas, USA), and Monterrey (Mexico).

Some of the US-based companies that manufacture Yeti products include Solar Plastics, Dutchland Plastics, and Hedstrom Plastics.

From the labels on many of their Tundra coolers, it seems that they are made either in Minnesota, Wisconsin, or the Philippines. It’s not clear how many of their Tundra coolers are made in America versus elsewhere. Drinkware like Hopper coolers and Rambler, as well as most of their smaller accessories like Panga duffel bags, are made in China

Companies like Yeti often seek manufacturing services in countries like China and the Philippines because they offer affordable prices, often due to cheaper labor and less regulation.

While Yeti may have begun manufacturing many of their coolers and other consumer goods internationally, consumer demand for local, American-made products prompted the brand to include some local manufacturing as well.

Customers often tend to view American-made goods as being of higher quality than some foreign countries. So it seems that conscious consumerism and the strong demand for local and sustainable products was instrumental in changing Yeti’s supply chain and manufacturing processes. 

Which Yeti Products are American-made?

If you want to know where Yeti products are made, the following are made in the USA:

  • All LoadOut products 
  • Some Tundra cooler products  

Final Thoughts on Locally Made Yeti Goods 

The Yeti brand has become known for being high-quality, durable, portable, and able to retain ice and keep cool for long periods. Whether you’re planning a camping trip, fishing trip, a hike, or simply a short day trip, you’ll want a reliable and indestructible cooler to bring along. 

There are many expensive coolers on the market, but Yeti seems to be worth the price tag. The coolers come in a wide range of sizes and are even customizable. In addition, Yeti also sells many other outdoor items like drinkware and pet accessories.

Over the years, consumer demand has driven Yeti to produce more of its consumer goods locally, in America. Judging by the labels in stores, the answer to the often-asked question “where are Yeti products made?” is now more often in America. 

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