Top Yeti Competitors for Tumblers, Coolers, and Outdoor Accessories

Many Yeti competitors are selling outdoor recreation products, each with its revenue model. But Yeti coolers, tumblers, ramblers, and other outdoor gear are popular for being of premium quality. What distinguishes Yeti coolers is their durability and the range of additional outdoor products like drink containers and camping gear.

Let’s explore some of the biggest competitors to the Yeti brand and how they sell products such as ice coolers, tumblers, bags, and accessories. 

Read on to discover 11 alternative brands that sell premium coolers. 

An Overview of Yeti Products & Their Popularity

Yeti was founded in 2006 and is known for its range of almost indestructible and portable coolers. This brand also sells other outdoor goods, which include drinkware, pet accessories, and bags. 

In just over 15 years, the company has grown significantly, and in 2012 Cortec Group bought shares in Yeti, making it a publicly listed company that trades on the stock exchange. Yeti’s revenue in 2016 was estimated to have been $72.2 million

Despite the significant growth, many competitors are trying to stand up to Yeti, which we explore in more detail below. 

Outdoor Brands that Sell Similar Products to Yeti 

Yeti Competitors for TumblersOutdoor brands like Pelican, ORCA, Grizzly, and OtterBox are some of the biggest Yeti competitors. Many of these brands sell a wide range of outdoor goods and accessories.

Yeti is particularly well-known for its coolers, though there are many alternatives to it like a Grizzly cooler, Bison coolers, Igloo coolers, or a Pelican cooler. 

Below we list 11 of the main competitors to Yeti, detailing when they were founded and what they sell. Many of these premium brands manufacture their products in the United States, and some were founded long before Yeti. 


Pelican designs and manufactures high-performance protective cases, temperature-controlled packaging, hard coolers, tactical flashlights, and portable lighting systems.

This American company, based in Torrance, has 6 manufacturing facilities, 23 international sales offices, and a range of service centers around the globe. 

Pelican was founded in 1976 and its products are known for being reliable and sturdy.

  • Range includes: Pelican cases (cargo cases, air cases, professional cases, etc.), coolers (hard coolers, wheeled coolers, soft coolers, etc.), drinkware (bottles, tumblers, etc.), backpacks and bags, flashlights, remote area lights, professional services
  • Founded in: 1976
  • Online shop: Yes
  • Most popular: Protector Case, Storm Case, VAULT, hard coolers, tactical flashlights, insulated tumblers, Pelican Elite Cooler 


Founded by Curt Richardson, OtterBox is a global brand of premium protective products for smartphones and tablets. The company has a range of brands that include LifeProof, Liviri, and OtterCares. Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado (USA), the company also has offices in San Diego, Hong Kong, and Cork, Ireland.

  • The range includes: Smartphone and iPhone cases and accessories, gaming accessories, hard coolers soft coolers, drinkware, dry boxes, custom elevation drinkware
  • Founded: 1998
  • Online shop: Yes
  • Most popular: Venture 45 cooler, Backpack cooler, Elevation 20 oz. tumbler, dry box 3250 series

Coleman Company

Coleman Company designs and manufacturers a wide range of outdoor gear, and has been in the business for around 120 years. Based in Chicago, USA, Coleman was one of the first cooler manufacturers in the 1950s and is a well-known camping equipment brand.

  • Range includes: tents and tent accessories, sleeping bags, canopies and shelters (beach shades, screened shelters, etc.),  coolers and accessories(hard coolers, soft coolers, thermoelectric coolers, etc,), camp kitchen products (outdoor grills, camping stoves, drinkware, kitchen essentials, etc.), lighting (gas lanterns, battery lanterns, headlamps, flashlights, etc.), camp furniture (camp chairs, sleeping bags, air beds, camping cots, etc.), camping essentials (hiking gear, survival gear, portable bathroom, etc)
  • Founded in: 1900
  • Online shop: Yes
  • Most popular: 316 Series hard cooler, NorthStar propane lantern, Explore tents, Canopy sun shelter, Coleman Xtreme Cooler

ORCA Coolers

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Outdoor Recreation Company of America (ORCA) manufactures products for outdoor enthusiasts. Its products are known for being locally manufactured – using American labor and American-made components, which gives it a competitive edge.

ORCA makes a range of products that include rotomolded coolers, drinkware, outdoor accessories, and kids’ drink bottles. Their coolers are practically indestructible and guarantee kitchenware lifelong usage. Their products are aimed at people who enjoy hunting, angling, camping, sports, hanging out at the beach, or enjoying the great outdoors. 

ORCA also supports many charities including Wounded Warrior programs, breast cancer programs, and United States conservation organizations. When asked about how ORCA differentiates itself in the cooler market, ORCA CEO Cliff Walker said that he “thought there was a big opportunity for a premium “Made in the U.S.A.” cooler.

  • Range includes: Soft-sided coolers, hard side coolers (ranging from 20 quarts to 140 quarts), drinkware (chasers, tini’s,  barrels, gloss hydra, matt hydra, vino cups, sports mugs, etc.), accessories (apparel, straws, lids, locks, cooler parts, hats), kids drinking bottles
  • Founded in: 2012
  • Online shop: Yes
  • Most popular: ORCA Walker, ORCA Chaser, ORCA Hydra, ORCA 20 quart cooler

RTIC Coolers

Just like Yeti, RTIC was founded by the brothers John and Jim Jacobsen in Texas. Many of their products are very price competitive, and they include coolers, drinkware, bags, and camping accessories. Their slogan is “overbuilt, not overpriced”. RTIC coolers are made in China, which is probably what makes them so affordable and a major competitor to Yeti. 

  • Range includes: hard coolers, soft coolers, drinkware (tumbler, mug, bottle, dog bowl, ice bucket, stainless steel coffee mug, etc.), bags (travel backpacks, totes, duffel bags, etc.), outdoor cooking, and camping gear (camping chairs, camping grill, waterproof hard case, etc.), accessories (bottle opener, cooler tie-down, tumbler lid gaskets, cooler T latches, etc.)
  • Founded in: 2015
  • Online shop: Yes
  • Most popular: 45 QT hard cooler, 52 QT ultra-light cooler, 145 QT hard cooler, soft pack cooler, insulated tote bag, insulated stainless steel water bottle

Igloo Products Corp.

Igloo Products Corp. began as a metalworking shop for metal water coolers and later diversified to make drink containers, coolers, and outdoor accessories. Its vast product range together with very competitive pricing makes Igloo the biggest competitor for Yeti. The company is headquartered in Katy Waller County, Texas, and makes over 500 different consumer goods.

  • Range includes: Igloo coolers including hard-sided coolers and soft coolers, drinkware, outdoor accessories
  • Founded: 1947
  • Online shop: Yes
  • Most popular: Marine Ultra Cooler, BMX 25 QT Cooler, ECOCOOL Latitude Cooler, FUNdamentals Tote Cooler backpack, Coolmate, Playmate cooler, Trailmate Journey cooler with cup holder

Grizzly Coolers

This American outdoor company makes rotomolded hard-sided coolers, soft-sided coolers, durable stainless steel and insulated drinkware, and other outdoor adventure gear. What sets Grizzly Coolers apart from other competitors in the cooler market is being bear-resistant and made in the USA. This gives them a competitive edge, as many people are looking to support locally-made gear. 

Grizzly also sells one of the largest coolers – the massive Grizzly 400 can hold up to 504 cans with 60 pounds of ice.

  • Range includes: Box Blind accessories, hard-sided Grizzly cooler (from 15 to 400 quarts capacity), soft-sided coolers, drinkware (bottle, camp cup, can, pint, grip pounder), licensed drinkware and licensed coolers, apparel, decals, and other accessories
  • Founded in: 2020
  • Online shop: Yes
  • Most popular: Grizzly 40 cooler, Grizzly 400 cooler, Drifter 20 soft-sided cooler, Grizzly Grip Bottle, Grizzly Grip Slim Can

Engel Coolers

Based in Jupiter, Florida, Engel Coolers has been making durable and high-performance coolers and other outdoor goods since 1962. They specialize in cooling and portable refrigeration products. Engel coolers are certified bear-resistant and comparable with Yeti coolers like the Tundra and Yeti Roadie. 

  • Range includes: hard coolers, soft coolers, cooler accessories, dry box coolers, live bait coolers, portable fridge freezers, fridge accessories, apparel, drinkware and tumblers, stickers, and decals
  • Founded in: 1962
  • Online shop: Yes
  • Most popular: High-performance hard cooler and icebox, portable top-opening fridge freezer, quart leak-proof air-tight storage dry box, cooler, and lunch box

Bison Coolers

Bison Coolers was founded in 2011 and is based in Fort Worth, Texas. Their coolers keep ice for 5 days and are 100% made in America. Bison Coolers makes affordable heavy-duty marine coolers and camping coolers. This brand differentiates itself from its competitors by providing a 5-year warranty.

If you’re planning a camping, boating, or fishing trip, then Bison has lots of relevant goods for you. In addition to ice chests, they also sell cases, duffels, drinkware, and outdoor accessories. 

  • Range includes: hard coolers, soft coolers, bags (dry duffels and hard cases), drinkware (tumblers and bottles), gear (t-shirts, caps, bottle openers, etc.), accessories
  • Founded in: 2011
  • Online shop: Yes
  • Most popular: Bison cooler, large roller hard case, Bison tumbler, soft pack cooler bag

Hydro Flask

Located in Bend, Oregon, Hydro Flask is an outdoor drinkware and outdoor kitchen dining ware company. They specialize in a range of bottles, tumblers, coffee mugs, accessories, outdoor kitchen ware and sell a range of soft coolers. 

Hydro Flask also created Parks For All, a charity program to benefit green public spaces, donating to over 122 nonprofits. 

  • Range includes: bottles, tumblers, accessories, coffee mugs, beer, and wine tumblers, outdoor kitchen gear (plates, bowls, serving spoons, etc.), soft coolers, insulated tote bags, lunch boxes, food jars, apparel
  • Founded in: 2009
  • Online shop: Yes
  • Most popular: Hydro Flask tumblers, outdoor serving bowl with lid, Day Escape soft cooler pack, insulated totes


MAMMOTH are designers and manufacturers in the outdoor cooler market – differentiating themselves through original designs. This premium brand is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. They make coolers, drinkware, and outdoor accessories. 

  • Range includes hard coolers, soft coolers, 
  • Founded: 2006
  • Online shop: Yes
  • Most popular: Mammoth Ranger, Mammoth Cruiser, Cruiser 20. Highlander 30

What Makes Yeti a Superior Outdoor Brand

Yeti coolers face stiff competition against many cheaper alternatives offered by other brands. Many people are looking for high-end coolers and high-quality products, all without spending a lot of money. Many of the Yeti coolers are more expensive than their competitors, so it’s worth exploring their many benefits and the reason behind their price range.

Yeti coolers are known for being durable, reusable, and have great insulation and ice retention. Given the demand for American-made coolers, the company has started making some of its products locally in the USA. 

What sets Yeti coolers apart from competitors is that they are customizable, bear-resistant, and offer wide varieties. They are also known for their coolers’ cold retention properties.

Whether you’re looking for insulated coolers for iced drinks, a tumbler or a backpack for your outdoor adventure, or a Yeti roadie – Yeti has many outdoor goods to offer. There are many stockists available throughout the globe, with many satisfied customers. They don’t exactly sell cheap coolers, but the quality of their products is top-notch.

Final Thoughts on Alternatives to Yeti Coolers and Gear

If you’re buying a Yeti cooler, then you’ll want to have a look at the competitors to see if you can match quality with affordability and find an alternative. As you analyze the various competitors, do not only compare them based on price, but also on quality, global availability, durability, warranties, portability, capacity, and cooler cold temperature retention.

We hope this guide will help you make a more informed decision about which cooler or outdoor goods to buy. Taking a look at Yeti competitors and their customer reviews is also a great way to gauge customer satisfaction with the various brands. 

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