V.I.B. 1000

V.I.B. 1000


V.I.B. 1000 is the warmest bag in the V.I.B. range and it is the choice when you need full and extreme protection from the cold. This expedition bag is designed for ultimate winter use and bears the trademarks of the popular V.I.B. range being filled with the finest possible European goose down and wrapped in a casing with a wealth of technical details. The V.I.B. 1000 has an inside iso collar and freezing puff, full zipper and both H- and S-Box construction with a triple layered integrated foot box for extra protection. The outer fabric is breathable and the inside lining has the V.I.B. series trademark signal colour.

  • 95/5 pure white goose down filling
  • freeze collar
  • H- and S-Box construction
  • integrated triple layered foot box
  • full length zipper

Design Features

  • Contoured hood with adjustment
  • Inside pocket
  • Zipper baffle
  • Iso collar with adjustment
  • Freezing puff
  • Hanging loops
  • Footbox 3-layer


Comfort: -11°C
Limit: -18°C
Extreme: -39°C


100% Nylon


100% Nylon


Crystal Down™
95/5 European White Goose down
EU standard 800+ cuin
US standard 870+ cuin
<p><em>Crystal Down™</em></p>

Length: 215 cm
Shoulder width: 81 cm
Foot width: 56 cm
Weight: 1410 g
This sleeping bag is suitable for people with a height of up to: 175 cm

Pack sack

Size: 20 x 44 cm
Type: Compression bag
Compressed size: 20 x 40 cm

Storage bag

Storage bag size L included
Size 74 x 140 cm
We recommend that you store your sleeping bag in the storage bag, when it's not in use.