Introducing The Yeti Ambassadors

The Yeti company is perhaps best known for their range of coolers which are renowned for their durability, insulation, and great versatility. They can be used for keeping your water or beer cool on a hot day or can be used as camping gear. This cooler company is well known for their wide product range. What you may not know about the brand is that they have many Yeti brand ambassadors who use Yeti products in their daily lives and help promote them.

These brand ambassadors across the United States have a love of Yeti products and an affinity for outdoor living. Below we take a closer look at ten Yeti brand ambassadors who are outdoor ethuastists, sports fanatics, and food and wine connoisseurs. This variety of interests showcase how the Yeti brand is versatile and attractive to a range of people around the world. 

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The Yeti brand: built for outdoor enthusiasts 

It’s no wonder why Yeti is popular with gear junkies. They can store cans of beer and cold drinks while hiking, skiing, fishing, camping or having a picnic. Yeti has built its brand around the outdoor lifestyle and it’s no wonder that some of its biggest fans are people who enjoy nature and the outdoors, wild life, camping, hiking, surfing and many other pursuits. 

Yeti coolers can be used to store cold beers and keep your food fresh. It also has a range of other products like apparel, drinkware, and even dog bowls. Brand ambassadors help engage Yeti fans and inform them of the many benefits of their products and how they can be used in day-to-day life. Below we look at what brand ambassadors do and introduce ten of the top Yeti ambassadors. 

What is a brand ambassador? 

Many companies recognize the importance of having a brand ambassador team. These superfans can help brands engage and cultivate relationships with consumers. Most marketing strategies for companies include influencer marketing, which is a way for companies to reach their target audience. This strategy focuses on adding influencers, customer ambassadors, charity brand ambassadors, guide ambassadors, expert ambassadors and affiliate ambassadors to their team. 

Ambassadors don’t necessarily need to be world famous, but they can help promote company products in a popular and influential way. They are also able to help create and enhance a brand’s image. 

Introducing Ten Wildlife Yeti Ambassadors 

Yeti has a growing list of ambassadors from across the country, from cowboys to hunters, surfers and fishermen to beer makers. These are people who built careers in outdoor adventures, adrenaline sports, fishing or making great food or drinks. They’re people who enjoy a wild life!

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1. Jordan Jo Fabrizio (Canyon, Texas, USA)

Jordan is an experienced and award-winning competitive roping expert who came third in the 2020 Breakaway World Standings and impressively became the first person to be awarded the Breakaway Roping title at the 2019 Cheyenne Frontier Days Invitational. She’s a symbol of female tenacity in the roping and rodeo circuit and is keen to help inspire youth to follow in her footsteps. Jordan Jo enjoys having coffee in her Yeti mug when she’s not competing.

2. Fred Eichler (Aguilar, Colorado, USA)

Fred is an accomplished bow hunter who owns Fulldraw Outfitters in Colorado, which is a hunting guide operation. Being the host of Easton Bowhunting TV and Predator Nation on The Sportsman’s Channel, he’s not stranger to TV. Fred has extensive experience in ranching, farming, hunting and trading, and he’s known for completing the North American Super Slam with a recurve bow where he became the first person to complete the Super Slam of all 29 species with a traditional bow. 

3.Tatum Monod (Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada)

Tatum started skiing when she was just 12 years old and was competing in contests soon thereafter. She’s a well-known freeskier and has been named Freeskier of the Year in 2014 and 2017. She also received recognition by being named Powder Magazine’s Best Female Performer in 2017.

4. John Florence (North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, USA)

John Florence is somewhat of a surfing legend after winning two world surfing titles (World Surf League), making him one of only a handful of surfers to have achieved this. He rose to fame after riding the notoriously large wave Pipeline, and is an inspiration to many younger generations of surfing enthusiasts. 

Born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii, John is the first Hawaiian surfer who has won successive world titles since Andy Irons. He’s also appeared in several surfing films like Done, View from a Blue Moon, Let’s Be Frank, and Twelve. In addition to being sponsored by Yeti, he’s also sponsored by Hurley, Stance and Pyzel surfboards. 

5. Averie Swanson (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Averie Swanson has a passion for brewing artisanal craft beer. She started her brewing career as head brewer for the acclaimed Jester King Brewery and has since relocated to Chicago and created her own beer label called Keeping Together. Passionately driven to create beers that resonate with people and bring them together, she’s also a role model for female entrepreneurs and beer makers around the world.

6. Alvin Dedeaux (Austin, Texas, USA)

Since he was a young child, Alvin has been passionate about fly-fishing. He’s now a fly-fishing guide and owns the Texas company All Water Guides. He helps clients find the best spots and gives them advice on how to catch bass, redfish and trout on rivers and lakes and even on the coast. 

7. Will Skudin (Long Beach, New York, USA)

Will is a pro big-wave surfer and one of the biggest names in the world of surfing. Big-wave surfing takes skill, determination and lots of bravery. He’s ranked 8th in Big-Wave Surfing and is famed for having caught a gigantic wave at Nazare in 2015. Will also founded Skudin Surf and Surf for All, two surfing organizations that encourage people to learn surfing and enjoy the sport. 

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8. Kimi Werner (Waialua, Oahu, Hawaii, USA)

Underwater hunting is Kimi’s speciality. She is a passionate and accomplished spearfisher who grew up on Maui. Kimi took first place in the 2012 International Pacific Cup. She’s also a USA National Spearfishing Champion, as well as a certified culinary chef, freediver and an ardent environmental speaker. In fact, Kimi is working to make Hawaii a more sustainable place to live by promoting sustainability and self-sufficiency. 

9. Jeremy Jones (Truckee, California, USA)

Jeremy is a pioneering big mountain snowboarder who has a reputation for boarding many unnamed peaks. A true adrenaline junkie and outdoorsman, Jeremy daringly free rides and pow surfs peaks. In 2009, he founded Jones Snowboards which aims to create the best performing snowboarding and skiing gear. He’s also established a nonprofit called Protect Our Winters whose goal is to address climate change and rising temperatures in order to protect his sport. Jeremy was nominated for the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year award in 2012.

10. Jimmy Chin (Wilson, Wyoming, USA)

Jimmy lives in Wilson, Wyoming and is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer as well as an avid rock climber, Alpine skier, and adventurer. His career started as a professional athlete for The North Face where he got to travel the world competing in skiing and climbing events before getting into photography and film. One of his most recent projects is an Oscar-nominated film called ‘Meru’ which is based on his expedition to climb Shark’s Fin: an unclimbed section of Mount Meru in the Himalayas. 

11. Keith Rose-Innes (Alphonse Island, Seychelles)

Keith has travelled to and lived in many countries including Scotland, Zimbabwe, South Africa and now the Seychelles where he founded Alphonse Fishing Company. He has a lot of experience as a fly-fishing guide and has been perfecting this sport for over 35 years. In addition to being a dedicated conservationist, Keith has pioneered fly-fishing tourism on this East African island. 

12. Tyler Pearson (Atoka, Oklahoma, USA) 

Tyler started doing rodeos at the young age of seven years old and has dedicated much of his career to this sport. He began as a professional in 2006 and won the 2017 world title in steer wrestling and also has four national rodeo qualifications under his belt. In 2021 alone, he managed to win the Henderson County First Responders PRCA Rodeo, Dixie National Rodeo, the San Angelo (Texas) Cinch Chute-Out and the Amarillo (Texas) Tri-State Fair and Rodeo.

Final Thoughts on Yeti’s Outdoor and Adventure Influencers 

Daring, fearless, innovative, courageous and wild – that sums up Yeti ambassadors from around the world who exemplify and live the outdoor, nature-loving brand.

The ten influencers listed above are part of a large group of hunters, fishers, sportspeople and foodies that Yeti has carefully selected as ambassadors to engage supporters and fans.

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